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Photography: Rob Sims Photography
Celebrity and Fitness photographer
7 years Formally Trained
(20 Years in the Celebrity Fitness Business)
400 News Stand Magazine covers
40,000 News Stand Magazine Tear Sheets
Chief Magazine photographer
Working with the Top 80 Magazines
Publishing and Advertising Fitness Models
Sponsoring Fitness models
Working with Nutrition Companies
Newsweek |CHANEL N5 | 49 ERS | TV | Film |Nike | Lone Star | MetRx

Fitness Model Mary Schmit talkng about Rob Sims Photography

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Overlooking downtown Salt Lake in June as the sunrise warms the city, surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains and preparing to interview world renowned celebrity photographer Rob Sims. I am somewhat surprised that Mr. Sims arrives a few minutes early for our scheduled interview appointment. He is dressed casually and grinning with an honest, inviting smile that could put nearly anyone at ease instantly. In this industry I am accustomed to interviewing pretentious, egotistical celebrities who show up late if at all and with a chip on their shoulder. I must say it was quite refreshing to meet with Rob Sims. A man who has every reason to be cocky and entitled, yet whom is pleasant, mild-mannered and inviting.

Q: What do you look for in a model?
A: Honestly, what I'm looking for in a model is a fresh face, tight body, someone who listens and connects. It's like an erotic dance where the model leads and I follow. I am her mirror. For the magazines, my photos are not re-touched like many other photographers' work. During the shoot, I simply know how to make the girls look tighter, taller and thinner. I am always looking for the new face who has not shot with too many photographers. It is so important for aspiring models to start with the right photographer.
Models who shoot with amateur photographers first, give it away for nothing and pick up hard-to-break bad habits make them harder to work with when they have the chance to work with a top-level professional. If you were sick, you wouldn't go to an untrained Doctor right? If you needed a Lawyer you wouldn't hire an attorney who has no experience? So why do aspiring models let an untrained amateur photographer starts them out? It's really a shame for the girls because the top publishers can see the difference immediately.

Q: When will we be able to see the results of the Utah Girls TV & Magazine Shoot? A: Well, I will be here shooting for a few weeks and then traveling for a couple weeks with my son, putting me back home at the end of July. I will be giving the video footage to my editor to edit for the TV shows and go through the photos to distribute them to all the models, while at the same time remembering who stood out to me in the shoots and sending their pictures off the magazines. Then it's on to the next city in the search! Check with my agents on the details as she knows more about the schedule than me! I just do as I'm told and show up with my camera to shoot the living daylights out of the hottest bikini and fitness models the world has ever seen!

Utah Fitness Swimwear Work out and Gym Photo Shoot

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